"He who does not know food, how can he understand the disease of man" - Hippocrates

Have you ever wondered “Why do I feel so tired all the time?” or perhaps you are struggling with depression, a skin problem, Lyme’s disease, Fibromyalgia, ME or Diabetes.

If so, help is at hand.

At Eternal Health, I offer nutritional and natural therapeutic advice, support and guidance across the Birmingham, Erdington, Sutton Coldfield and West Midlands area to anyone coping with any kind of degenerative disease.

What I do

My aim is to help you recover from whatever symptoms are plaguing your life by helping you to identify and correct hidden root causes of your chronic illness. I do this by combining nutritional, holistic, complimentary, alternative and natural therapies as well as lifestyle changes to help individuals regain their health and live life to the full, once again.

Debbie at Eternal Health

About Me

Hi, I’m Debbie

I am a registered Nutritional and Natural Therapy Practitioner and I became passionate about nutrition and natural therapy when I was chronically ill and where the orthodox medical establishment had no answers.  I regained my health only when I focused on nutrition combined with natural therapy, both of which became my daily routine.  From there I went on to undertake a Diploma in Nutritional and Natural Therapy (Distinction) and to date I have completed 10,000 hours circa of research.

Functional Medicine

The fundamental approach of functional medicine is to find the underlying cause of the disease rather than the orthodox approach which is to try and suppress the symptoms i.e. disease management, whilst leaving the disease intact.

How I use Functional Medicine

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is a science-based complimentary therapy which is used to combat all degenerative disease and general ill health to give the body the fuel it needs in order to boost the immune system. We have an immune system for a reason and that is to fight off disease.

How I use Nutritional Therapy

Natural Therapy

Natural Therapy is an essential adjunct to Nutritional Therapy where nature has given us the tools to regenerate the cells of our body. In order for the body to become healthy once again and to stay healthy, one needs to detoxify the body on a regular basis.

How I use Natural Therapy

Personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme

Nutritional practitioners treat each person as an individual and will, therefore, offer a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme tailored to their unique circumstances.  As such, an in-depth questionnaire will need to be completed by you and returned to me at least two days before your appointment so that I will have time to consider the contents of the questionnaire before you attend for your first consultation.

Please contact me for an appointment and a questionnaire

Nutritional Advice from Eternal Health

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"Debbie was super-helpful when I was struggling to understand why I felt so ill. As far as I was concerned my diet was reasonably good, but it wasn't until she explained to me about the hidden chemicals in processed food, and what even seemingly 'good' foods can be doing to you, that I understood. This knowledge, combined with a diet change and occasional cleanses, meant that I not only lost a stone in weight (an unexpected but welcome by-product), but that my energy levels shot through the roof, and the migraines disappeared. Thank you Debbie for all your help."

(R. Graham)

The Father of Medicine

Hippocrates of Kos, Greece was a Greek physician two and a half thousand years ago and is regarded as the Father of Medicine and is also considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.

I believe that nutritional and natural therapy originated, fundamentally, from the teachings of Hippocrates and it is for this reason I use throughout my website some of his famous quotes.

In order to regain your health from natural and nutritional therapy you will need commitment and dedication as well as being patient and open minded and, if this methodology is adopted, the benefits to your health will be immense.