8 Ways to Detoxify your Lungs

Eternal Health - 8 Ways to Detoxify your Lungs

Good nutrition is essential for good health, no-one can deny that. The concept of the need to detoxify your body has been around for a number of years now but, to date, only lip service has been paid to it. […]

How important is the gallbladder?

Eternal Health - How important is the gallbladder

As a nutritional and natural therapist the question of how important is the gallbladder, crops up over and over again. Along the way, I’ve heard too many people, who have suffered from unhealthy gallbladders, being advised, “you can live quite […]

Do you have parasites?

Eternal Health - Do you have parasites

Is your Gut Healthy? The number one priority in healing a sick body is to look primarily at the health of the digestive system by looking at the gut microbiome, more commonly known as the gut bacteria. As Natural Therapists, […]