Consultation and Fees


An in-depth questionnaire will need to be completed at the first consultation in order for me to have a good understanding and overview of your lifestyle, your previous medical history and for me to understand and appreciate your current concerns and symptoms.  If you wish me to post/email the questionnaire to you prior to your first consultation this can be arranged in order to save time at your first appointment.


First Consultation (90 minutes): £55.00

Follow-up Consultations (1 hour): £40.00

Payment will need to be made in cash please as I do not have a card machine.

Included in the initial fee is a 90 minutes face-to-face consultation, together with a follow-up email/letter plus one telephone call detailing your individualised programme.

Discounts:  If you are over the age of 65, a student or you wish to make a block booking (i.e. three or more) a 10% discount will be applied.  (To qualify for a block booking discount, payment will need to be made in full and up-front.)

Next Steps

It will be necessary to have follow-up consultations in order to monitor progress and implement further nutritional/natural therapies and this will include an hour’s consultation together with a follow-up email/letter and one telephone call.


Appointments are available from Monday to Saturday between 9.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.  Appointments are also available outside of these times in exceptional circumstances.

Functional Testing Fees

It may be advisable at some stage during the consultations to undergo private laboratory testing which are innovative and at the cutting edge of technology and which your current healthcare provider is unable to provide/offer.  These tests will help to identify underlying biochemical imbalances that may be contributing to your current health issues.

Test fees can be discussed if the Practitioner feels that undergoing testing will be beneficial and due to the fact that there are a wide and varied array of tests that can be undertaken.  However, it will be the client who will, ultimately, make the decision if he/she would like to undergo testing as there is no obligation either way.